HighPerformance Forex

Join us in the RYZE.Ai Revolution!

​HighPerformance Forex was started to engage our clients in utilizing the RYZE.Ai Technology to Completely Manage their money being traded in the FOREX Market, and leverage their money by making it go to work for them!


Based off of the independent audit results, we are able to see how this technology can execute trades in real-time bringing solid compounding interest each month! (See: 'Take A Look' Page.)


- No one affiliated with RYZE.Ai or HighPerformance Forex has access to, or information about your funds or deposits.

- You have 100% control of all funds in your RYZE.Ai Account.

​- You may deposit or withdrawal your funds at any time.


The Ryze.Ai  Algorithm executes trading in the Currency and Commodities markets. The algorithm operates under a unique and proprietary trade strategy, positioning trades as a bridge liquidity provider. Becoming a bridge liquidity provider removes speculation and makes the system a safe and sound investment tool.

The Ryze.Ai platform allows people to participate in the global currency market, which is the largest market in the world at 5.4 trillion dollars a day. The platform allows a customer to set up their own account and maintain control while having the Ryze.Ai platform execute trades on their behalf and maximize their account through its’ proprietary trade logic and Ai.

The Ryze.Ai platform features QuantIQ. The proprietary "Quantum wave superposition algorithm" has been written for the MT4 platform using the MQL4 language.

The Ryze.Ai platform is hosted in undisclosed clouds located around the world for added safety and is redundant (dedicated parallel servers). Clouds are linked to the brokerage firm servers using AES encryption algorithms (Advanced encryption systems).  Its execution is measured in milliseconds, making this proprietary QuantIQ the most unique and the top performer in today's marketplace.

The proprietary program realizes profit on a daily basis!
​​ ​​
Creating Performance Space in the Market to Arbitrage Daily Profits!

The logic and strategy primarily focuses on the “supply and demand” concept of currency and commodities.

There is a constant demand for the various currencies and commodities worldwide.

The USD has a demand of over $1 Trillion per day.

High and mostly random supply/demand creates price whipsaw, which in turn creates volatility.

Volatility provides the unlimited potential to become part of the market and a bridge liquidity provider.

Because of the volatility and high speed of price whipsaw, this proprietary software was built to transact the exchanges that humans would be unable to do behind a computer screen.
The Market Moves In Waves.​​

The amplitude of the waves in all charts, are monitored in real time all at once.
​(5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour 4 hour, and daily (respectively)

The software follows the price action and places both long and short positions regardless of the direction.

An overbought market will always lead to a supply mode and an oversold market will always lead to a demand mode.

All Positions Are Clustered In Groups

Once an open inventory is active, the software will place limit orders above and below the current price in order to never miss an opportunity.

The software will cancel any positions too distant to the price action and will change its value and basket size in real time.

The Complex Algorithm Incorporates Executing Trades With Money Management

The software is calibrated with the account balance and positions are placed at a distance ranging from a few points to hundreds of points apart in order to maintain a balance between equity and working capital.

Calibration settings vary with the desired exposure. The calibration will maintain the minimum amount of account exposure relative to the opportunity in the market!

Calibrations are set to not create an over exposure through open positions (inventory).

Based on the calibration chosen, positions are constantly exchanged. Hundreds of trades are transacted daily (inventory).

The proprietary program closes positions banking realized profit on a daily basis!!!

The Ryze.Ai platform works best when money is funded into an account for a minimum of 12 months.

Upon opening your account, you will see your account draw down in open positions creating the inventory necessary to begin realizing daily profits.

There are 2 strategies we have seen work best for accounts utilizing Ryze.Ai.

1. Long Term Growth:  This strategy is based on funding money into the account that you intend to leave for 24 months or longer. This strategy is based on allowing the daily profits to accumulate and grow the balance of the account creating a compounding effect and creating compounded growth of closed daily profits.

2. Cash Flow Strategy: This strategy is based on funding money into an account with the intention of withdrawing the realized profits on a monthly or quarterly basis to supplement cash flow. Works best if profits are accumulated and left in account for 90 days prior to first profit.

The strategies are not investment strategies. They are examples of strategies that have been used with the Ryze.Ai platform.

Past results do not guarantee future profits.